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The Virtual Bathroom – website

While working at 3D capacity, I was given the task to design the website for The Virtual Bathroom (, a new concept for the communication of bathroom installations which makes use of interactive 3D and videos to create an immersive user experience. – Logo and website design for a Colombian button manufacturer

Botoneria - LogoBotoneria Ltda. (formerly known as La Piacentina) is a button manufacturer in Bogota, Colombia.

They asked me to design a new logo for them and to develop a simple website to showcase their work and production possibilities.

The new logo was inspired by the unique mixture of creativity and technical know-how that characterizes them. – Evi Malisianou’s design portfolio

Evi Malisianou is a very talented greek interaction designer and together with her we designed and set up her online portfolio at
The website’s design is quite simple and clean, giving a nice and playful overview of the projects she has worked on. It is made entirely in flash but easy to update by editing a simple text file to add new projects.

EVOthing - 01

3D capacity – Flash based project management system

This is a project management system that I put in place for 3D capacity‘s website. It is made in flash supported by xml files containing the project data. With it, it was possible to keep all the relevant information (delivery dates, contacts, file folders and communication) in a single place for both 3D capacity staff, as well as for the clients.

By clicking on the screen-shots below you can see a demo of how it works (except for the possibility to save data which is not supported).

3D capacity’s website

3D capacity is a company specialized in the field of 3D visualizations. I was given the task of developing their website, which should include a log-in system and a project management system.

3Dc - 01

Imagine – an exercise on visual corporate identity

Imagine - 01During a course at the TU Delft as part of my Industrial Design Engineering BSc., we were asked to work in a design assignment in a group as if we were an actual design studio working for a given client.

As part of the exercise, we had to develop a corporate identity for our studio and use it at all times during the course’s process.

I designed a logo, website, powerpoint starting screen, business cards and even a promotional gift (a mug). – Logo and website

The Virtual Maquette (virtuele maquette in Dutch) is 3D capacity‘s main product, and they wanted to make a simple separate website with a logo of it’s own, in which they could show the benefits of the virtual models through a presentation video.

EVOlving: A concept design for Evi Malisianou’s portfolio website

This was a very graphical proposed design for Evi Malisianou’s Interaction Design online portfolio ( It was meant as an experimentation with an unusual graphical layout and with playful yet simple interactive tricks, such as the faces following the mouse cursor with their eyes.
Follow the link and click on one of the faces to see it’s reaction.

EVOlving website - 01

Anne Renkema is a Dutch goldsmith who makes use of modern and classic crafting techniques for creating her jewelry.

I was given the assignment of developing her flash website so that she could easily update it herself without any flash knowledge.


TweenSense Portfolio

TweenSense is the company where I used to work. we were specialized in the visualization of architectural plans through the use of high quality virtual maquettes, renders and animations.

This was our portfolio site designed and developed by me in flash. It had the advantage that it could also be easily distributed as a multimedia CD, making it very versatile.

Unfortunately the company no longer exists and the website has been taken offline ever since, but a working copy can be found on my own server HERE.

TweenSense Portfolio - 01, a website for a 3D visualization company is the internet website of the company where I used to work. We were specialized in the visualization of architectural projects via interactive maquettes, high quality renders and animations. The website had to be simple and eye catching, and it must show in a very straight forward manner what our products are and the high quality we deliver.

Unfortunately the company no longer exists and the website has been taken offline ever since, but a working copy can be found on my own server HERE. - 01

Okkebas: A website for a typical Delft student house

‘Okkebas’ is a student house in Delft where I used to live and I designed a website for it in my free time. It’s a very interesting site where you can customize the look of your own character and use him to walk around the house and to interact with the different objects.

Okkebas website - 01

RusLan logo

RusLan is a Russian translations office in the Netherlands. they were in need of a new corporate image for which I designed a new logo and business cards. I also helped with the lay-up design for the website which was finally set up by my friend Igor Rust.

RusLan logo

2255BeMine website

2255 Be Mine is looking to set up a new SMS flirting/dating service in the Netherlands. I was to design a simple website for them.

AdrenalyZ website

AdrenalyZ is a new company organizing extreme sports vacations in South Africa. A website that reflected risk, dynamism, adventure and the various activities involved was needed. The website has not been fully published yet, so the content is missing. – a website dedicated to football video games is one of my oldest projects, which is now out of service but it still made me proud back on it’s day.

It was my own personal football website with a very big fan base, dedicated to football video games from the Fifa Series (EA Sports).It offered news, wallpapers and original, custom made material for the game so as to include Colombian and Latin-American teams into it.

Unfortunately, once I started my studies in the Netherlands, the time was just not enough to keep the site going and it was slowly but surely abandoned.

Fifa Colombia - 01