Mexico2 – Logo

Mexico 2 was a proposed new business citadel to be constructed in the heart of Mexico which would become a new focus of economic importance for the whole of the Americas.

At 3D capacity, we were approached to work on the visualization of the project and as part of it I designed this logo. It is based on the idea of the new citadel being a focus point of the Americas and as can be seen the X is an abstraction of a map of the entire continent. The number 2 is placed as superscript to show that Mexico 2 is not merely seen as a second version of something but as an exponential enhancement of the current status. The colours used are the national colours of Mexico (namely red, white and green). The X2 can also be used as a separate image that still conveys the proposed message without including the text Mexico on it as can be seen to the left.

Unfortunately for us at 3D capacity, the people who contacted us (Jose Carlos Sanz Perales & Alfredo Hernandez)  about this project turned out to be con artists who were merely going around trying to get people to work on their project for free and enjoying the free restaurants, hotels or whichever benefits your company pampers them with while believing that they are in fact a big and serious client.

Apparently they’ve managed to get some people to do some work for them, but I wouldn’t take them very seriously if I was anyone out there. Still, and for amusement purposes, here’s a link to their website:

So anyway, I always thought that the logo was pretty cool and that’s why I published it… who knows maye these guys con their way to actually making the project a reality… 😉